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About Us

Founded in 2012 by Rebecca Kroeker, a wife and mom of two, from Manitoba Canada. PurelyGorgeous is exactly that – pure and gorgeous.

With more than 17 years of experience in the cosmetic industry, Rebecca is passionate about celebrating beauty in a healthy way. The foundation of her love and passion for makeup and the women who use it, was fostered through working as a make up artist, educator, and cosmetic representative. It was not until her introduction to natural mineral makeup and natural skin care that her interest to move away from chemicals and synthetics started. Her desire to use a line that could compete with chemically laced cosmetic lines fell short. Her talent and desire led her to develop PurelyGorgeous as an alternative for women. Rebecca saw a need for pure yet functional; beautiful yet natural; cosmetics and skin care products. She set out to design, create and develop a line that would deliver visible results without the chemical and synthetic ingredients found in conventional beauty products. Working with an organic chemist as well as a team of talented people, researching and formulating, PurelyGorgeous fuses science and nature to offer you natural products that perform. Using a certified organic base of botanicals and oil, combined with natural skin enhancing ingredients, Rebecca continues to work hard, to bring you the best in healthy, natural organic products that exceed your expectations. Standing firm with integrity, PurelyGorgeous is here to serve you.

Rebecca's heart is to serve women, encourage them to love themselves, and celebrate their beauty!

Browse through the website to discover the purest products. We are beauty with a conscience. Celebrate healthy, beautiful, luxury with us!