Foundation Buffing Brush


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Achieve a flawless finish with a PurelyGorgeous soft luxurious buffing brush. This full brush allows you to achieve the soft finish of airbrushing and is an essential for any loose or pressed powder applications. Perfect pick up and delivery of powder onto skin as you blend and buff for a polished look. This brush features natural and synthetic bristles, an aluminum ferrule, and wooden handle.


Loose Mineral Foundation: Tap a small amount of product into lid or onto a flat surface. Place bristles into lid picking up product. Place bristles to skin and in a circular sweeping motion, buff powder into skin. Starting at the center of you face, blend out to hairline. Pressed Mineral Foundation: Sweep bristles over pressed foundation, picking up product. Buff powder into skin.

Brush Care

Dampen bristles with warm water. Apply small amount of shampoo and work into a lather using your fingers. Rinse thoroughly under water. Gently squeeze excess water out and blot. LAY BRUSH FLAT TO AIR DRY. Clean as needed.